Day Trips

Dugong Day Trip

This full-day excursion (for both skin & scuba divers), begins at the El Rio Y Mar Resort, and proceeds to several Dugong feeding grounds along the Busuanga coastline, as well as 2 Turtle Islands.

You will be transported to El Rio Y Mar Resort by a van and spend the whole day on a boat. A short briefing will be conducted with information on the trip and the Dugong.
If a Dugong is spotted, you have to be patient and watch it from the boat (like whale-watching), and then slowly approach by snorkeling. If the Dugong doesn’t shy away, then scuba equipment may be engaged.

Over the last years, there was a success rate of over 80 % of Dugong sightings. There is an average of 30 Dugongs living in the bay.
Following are 2 dives on coral gardens and sea grass-bedded diving sites, with all their magnificent marine life.

Apo Reef Day Trip

The protected Apo Reef Natural Park has a total area of 15,792 hectares and was founded in 1996. As you dive on Apo Reef's steep slopes/walls in crystal clear waters, you can see remarkable marine life. Common sightings include sharks, barracudas, trevallies/ jacks, tunas and manta rays. Another attraction are the green turtles living on the 500 different species of corals. Up to 47 types of seabirds have also been spotted in this area.

The day begins with a transfer to El Rio Y Mar Resort at 03.30am. The journey by boat to Apo Reef takes 3-hours, where you will do 3 fantastic dives. The trip ends and returns to Coron town at 9pm.