Adventure Trips

Early in the morning after breakfast you will be picked up by Willie, your Tour guide, with the tricycle. The journey starts by following the spectacular coast approaching Sipalay. Later on our way we will have the great opportunity tasting local Coconut schnapps, called Tuba, and local coffee as an introduction in our upcoming adventure.

Next stop is the market to buy your lunch - fresh slaughtered chicken and fresh fish. After that our trip continues towards the country side passing rice fields, small vegetable and fruit farms. We are stopping near to a cave, you will go inside. On the walk to the entrance you climb through a river bed. In the cave you encounter bats, stalactites and stalagmites.

Back at the Tricycle we visit a nearby fresh water lake where you can refreshing yourselves by jumping in the cool water until your well-deserved lunch is served. Locals had fried the chicken over an open fire and cooked the fish with onions, tomatoes, rice and spices in a hollow piece of bamboo – only for you. After this you get fresh fruits as a dessert. This traditional food, as simple as it may be, tastes fantastic and is in every way a delight.

With your batteries recharged you can join the Philippino Rodeo; Carabao riding. These small water buffalos with the long horns are strong, tamed and will allow you riding their backs. But careful though, hold on to them or you might end up in the water beside the Carabao.

Passing small local cottage with flower gardens, large bamboo bushes, whose leaves rustling in the wind, it goes to the mine of Sipalay. In front of a gigantic view of a lake and the mine you get told a story of the history of Sipalay.

Well recovered we are continuing our tour which brings us to a river. Here we’ll get the unique chance of exploring the mangroves in the local sailing boat together with a fisherman. Between the Mangroves you will discover “Nipa” palm trees. Native roofs are produced out of these palm tree leafs. Roofs same as you can find in our resort. Enjoy this special, silent, and peaceful environment. With some luck you will see a sea eagle or egret.

The fisherman will bring you by the waterway to the next village where your Tricycle driver is waiting for you to bring you back to the resort for dinner and the amazing sunset.


We have 2 mountain bikes available for you. Just tell the reception if you wish to go on a tour. It’s a nice possibility to explore the region around Sipalay and the local lifestyle. You will pass small villages with traditional houses, see women wash beside the road, and men plant the rice by hand. You can also make a stop at a school and have a look inside. But what makes the trip most worth while doing is the fantastic coast and the breathtaking view.


Don’t hesitate to use our kayaks and if you need an instruction just ask us. If you paddle left you will reach the beautiful bay with other white beaches for relaxing, snorkeling, or swimming. Going right you will be able to enjoy the coast with strange looking mountains, small islands, and white beaches, too. After a long time you will reach the river-mouth. Paddling up the river keeping left hand will bring you into a beautiful mangrove forest where a special kind of big, white bird lives in masses.